Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let the Slurping Begin!

Season three of Coffeeneuring is in the books. Done. Finished. History. While we're sorry to see it end, we're shifting our attention to the Soupaneuring -- which begins tomorrow.

Coffeeneuring season runs when the weather is starting to become less than inviting.  Soupaneuring season can include some downright hostile meteorological conditions and that takes some extra chutzpah.  So we're adding a new category for our up and coming members of the cycling community: "Soupaneuring Jr"

To qualify for Soupaneuring Jr, participants must be 12 and under, or any age with a physical disadvantage.  We encourage  Rule 9 followers of all ages and abilities.

Rules will be the same as previously posted for Soupaneuring with the following exceptions:

Rule 1: total rides to complete = 4

Rule 4: minimum distance to complete per ride = 1 (mile)

Soupaneuring motto:

Ride Safe - Have Fun - Eat Soup (and tell the rest of us where the good soup is!!)

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